Monday, June 20, 2011

The drama of fishing. Yes, really ...

We went to the FLW Outdoor Expo yesterday. And it was fun.

I know. And outdoor expo held inside doesn't really sound overly exciting. At least it didn't to me. But the free rod and reel to the first 300 kids was too much for my husband to resist. And it was Father's Day, so I realized I wasn't in charge of the plan. We even invited some friends, adding the disclaimers that we didn't know if food would be available or what really there would be. Other than a free rod and reel for their son.

We all had a good time. Sarah and I mentioned the randomness of free Pop-Tarts, cooked bacon slices, Prevacid pill-shaped digital clocks and balloons with the Goodwill logo more than once. But we added enjoyed the afternoon. And the free peanut butter Snickers bars, of course.

The kids liked the bouncy houses, food samples and balloons. Cate liked the fishing exhibit {READ: a plastic fishing pond with lots of fish clustered in a relatively small space}, although she wasn't so sure about touching the fish she caught ...

And, really, who knew fishing could be so dramatic? This next part was even recorded for TV.

We watched some of the weigh-in competition. Yesterday was the last day of a four-day fishing tournament, so they were weighing the leaders' catches. A guy from Minnesota won $125,000. I assume he likes to fish, so I'd say that's a fun way to earn some money.

After we left, Cate asked why his wife was so happy. I told her people got excited when people they love do well. Turns out it was his first tournament win in his 10 years as a professional fisherman.

Thanks to Google, here are the details: Chad Grigsby, a father of two who is sponsored by Goodwill, brought in the five-bass limit, weighing 22 pounds 13 ounces, yesterday to win the FLW Tour on Kentucky Lake. His four-day total was 20 bass weight 73 pounds 3 ounces.

Seems worth celebrating to me, someone who knows nothing about fishing, as a hobby or a competitive sport.

Hey, even the second place finisher won $33,287. Again, not a bad four days' work.

The expo didn't make me want to fish. I'm pretty sure I'll always be the girl who goes to the fishing hole with her family ... and a book. But it was still a fun way to spend the afternoon.

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  1. I'm glad you have a picture of the weigh-in because honestly in my head, I envisioned a greasy scale on the tail gate of an old man's truck in the parking lot. Looks like I was wrong!