Monday, January 17, 2011

ninjas, a therapist and fangs

I drafted this blog while watching "The Bachelor" and texting with Holly and Katie. It's random observations and commentary. Feel free to join in below in the comments section.

I don't sing. So I can sort of imagine how Ashley S. [aka First Impression Rose Winner] was feeling in that recording studio. At least Brad couldn't sing either. They sure seemed to enjoy themselves, and the real Seal singing. And, hello, these rooftop dates on these shows. That's totally something I can go for!

"It says, 'Love hurts,' but what really hurts is being on this group date with all these other women." Yes, Michelle, it's called "The Bachelor." Again, it's a dating show. Get over it. And, no, the ninjas will not kidnap them. And, really, I hope they don't get the chance to "practice making babies."

I think Brad is keeping Chantal around for awhile. I just get that vibe. Perhaps it's her "puffy face." She even makes him stutter.

I missed one of the girls describing Emily as Barbie with the heart of Mother Teresa, but, thankfully, Holly and Katie both texted me about it. Emily remains my favorite, although I was growing a tad impatient with Brad unknowingly leading her into her story about her fiance and daughter and her ignoring the prompts. But she came around.

She worried that Brad wouldn't be OK with her "stuff." But he seemed appreciative that she told him. "It's not stuff. It's you." True, Brad, true.

I could have done without his therapist's appearance, though. He didn't really seem to offer much wisdom. Of course, if you want to get to know people, you have to be vulnerable. Of course, when you let go, it's easier to enjoy the moment. I hope he didn't have to pay for that advice.

Michelle, really stop talking? "Can I have you?" Um, really? Again, really, you're on a dating show. So Brad hugged her on his way inside. And, yes, you are interrupting. Clearly. Brad was talking to another girl. Why must he ditch Chantal for Michelle?

Brad likes that she's playful and direct. But, really, I think that's her just manipulating him. "She can steal me away any night." Oh, dear ...

Madison took out her fangs while telling Brad about how she'd had a bad week. I have an idea: Don't wear the fangs. He may take you more seriously.

I'm with Brad, though. Fang Girl seemed more real when she was walking away.

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  1. I'm glad Katie and I filled you in on the Mother Theresa ('h' or no 'h'?) comment. It was really sweet. And totally true - she's definitely my favorite but I have a feeling she's going to be sent away crying like Tenley was and he's going to choose the ultimate b*tch (a.k.a. Michelle/Vienna). I know it's early to make predictions like that but I just have that feeling. The other girls will have to do something spectacular to knock Emily out of first-place-in-my-mind.