Sunday, December 26, 2010

old friends

Not old in age, but old as in we've been friends for 16 years. That would be slightly more than half my life. We don't see each other as often as I'd like, but getting together with Bekah and Shelley [and our families!] is always fun. And we've made it a holiday tradition.

Hopefully, one of these years Katie will make it. She had planned to come this year, and as much as we missed her, we're thankful she didn't share her puking germs with us.

That's us old friends above. And here are our kids ...

From left, that's Lizzy (3), Ben (1), Case (2), Cate (3), Rhett (11 months), Ila (4), Evan (7) and Nate (5).

Case totally has Ben in a head lock. Cate is still crying because she's sad she's not sitting in the middle [the crack!] of the couch.

It was fun looking back to previous years. We didn't get together last year. But we did in 2008 ...

And 2007 ...

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  1. Very proud that I was able to avoid every one of those pictures. :) Great to see you guys!