Friday, September 24, 2010

little friends

As you can see, we had a fun time babysitting Davey last night. I wanted to get some pictures of the boys because, well, that's what I do. And I've done it several times before. But, of course, my daughter wanted to be in the middle of it all ...

And then she cried when I wanted to get one of just the boys ...

You can tell my boy was the wiggly one. Davey just sat there through it all, watching my much louder children.


  1. I love the one with Cate crying in the middle. the boys are looking at each other like, "what the ...?" Okay, I'm sure a cuzz word wasn't in their vocabulary but you know...

  2. Melissa Stoneberger-Dixon9/25/2010 6:40 PM

    I can't believe how tan Ben is! Apparently he enjoyed his summer. :)