Monday, August 23, 2010

Life is like a parade ...

You know your child has lived her whole little life in Murray when she sees two police cars go through an intersection with their lights and sirens on and says, "There's a parade?"

"No, honey, they are going to help someone." I say. It's silly of me to think the conversation will end here.

And, so, the 3-year-old concludes, "They go throw them candy."


But, you know, not all parade experiences with Cate have been pleasant. I say "experiences" [plural] because Murray seriously loves its parades. Most any holiday is cause of celebration with a parade. Fourth of July. MSU Homecoming. Veterans' Day. Christmas. So, really, Murray gives us plenty of chances to redeem the one parade horror.

From last year's parades alone ...

Then there was 2008 ...

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  1. that is great!! I love that she thought they were going to throw candy.