Sunday, August 22, 2010


Like I mentioned in a post yesterday, we [meaning adult children and spouses ...] took Peggy out to celebrate her marriage to Gary, my father-in-law who passed away suddenly in April. They married 34 years ago yesterday and had the kind of marriage that defined partnership.

They loved each other, their children, their extended family and their community with a love I hope to one day understand and give the people I care about. They raised their boys to be respectable, family-focused men. Of course, I dearly love the oldest of the three.

We miss Gary. But I'm so thankful I witnessed their marriage and continue to be blessed by the fruits it has produced so beautifully.

That's Peggy and her boys. They'd do anything for her.

Us ladies are lucky to have the Taylor men in our lives. And we missed sister-in-law Christine, who actually planned the dinner but had a rough week with her 2-month-old girl and didn't think traveling three hours was the best idea.

Contrary to what it appears, Greg and I did not intentionally coordinate our outfits. We do both like to wear blue, though.

Even though we're eight years into our marriage, we're definitely still learning what it means to love sacrificially. Today we're better at it than yesterday, so there's hope. Looking at his parents reminds me that it's worth figuring out. For us. For our kids. For our community.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. You guys were all in my thoughts yesterday.