Sunday, August 1, 2010

102.3 while sippin' on Sprite

Cate had her first fever and stomach virus yesterday. I consider it a blessing she hasn't had a fever until she was 3 years old. The only time sickness she's experienced is some major congestion that kept her (and me!) on the couch one day when she was 9 months old.

She woke up yesterday with a fever, which flunctuated but reached 102.3 later in the day. Even though her belly was empty, she threw up a couple of times. Mostly, she spent the day watching The Little Mermaid, Land Before Time, Curious George and Finding Nemo and sippin' on Sprite. We had plans with Greg's family and wanted more time with our new niece, but I was reminded that I'm not in control. And I thanked God for the down time at home.

Truly, she was such a good sport. The only time she complained was when I wanted to take her temperature. She wasn't sure about the thermometer, which isn't surprising because she was probably 6 months old and teething the last time I used it.

Greg and I ordered carry-out from Cracker Barrel, and when I was unpacking the bag yesterday evening, Cate perked up and requested some of my pancake and bacon. I guess that looked more tempting that the Jell-O I bought her. I hesitated because I wasn't sure that was the best food on her stomach after the day she had. But I decided I'd let her try. We shared Mama's Pancake Breakfast, and my spunky daughter was back. Her fever lingered into the evening, although it was lessening.

She had a good night's sleep and woke up with a low-grade fever that wore off in time for us to go to church and lunch with Greg's family. Hopefully this is the end of Cate's first fever and apparent stomach virus and I can get another few years without having to see my sweet girl so pitiful.


  1. Sounds like she is one tough little girl to not have had anything for so long...Let me give you a heads up though...sorry to say, but once she starts PreK she could get lots more..just be aware..but if you give her vitamins daily, she should be good ;)--- MindyE

  2. Praying that the introduction to school doesn't introduce her to the mean bugs. Love you guys and glad that Cate rebounded so quickly.

  3. I didn't say that to hope that she gets them...sorry, if it sounded that way..just meant to be prepared just in case, I don't wish it on anybody!! :) Mindy