Saturday, February 9, 2008

Comfy Together

My sick baby and I have been hanging out at home this morning while Daddy works at a booth his company has at an annual Home Show here. I'm hoping it brings good deals his way. And I'm hoping Cate feels better soon.

But not everything about her not feeling well is bad. We do get a cuddle a lot.

One of our Christmas presents from Katie was these "Mom and Tot" socks. (That's what the package said ... I didn't make that up!) Anyway, I've been saving them for the right time to share in their comforts. This morning definitely has been the right time. Aren't they cute? And they're comfy.

Greg and I each were up with Cate at different times last night, so nobody slept great. At one point around 3 a.m. I woke up and Greg wasn't in bed, but I didn't hear him up either. So I peeked in Cate's room. But neither of them were there either. I glanced in the living room and didn't see anyone. Um ... so then I saw the blanket on the couch move. There they were. Cate cuddled on her daddy's chest in just the way that helped her breathe easier, thus sleep more soundly. I don't make it a habit of keeping my camera near in the middle of the night; we are a bunch who like our sleep. But, you'll have to trust me, they were cute on the couch. Even so, I told Greg they should come to bed. So they did. Cate continued sleeping on her daddy until about 5 a.m., when he took her back to her own bed. Seven o'clock, or maybe a little after, came quick this morning.

That's why Cate and I needed comfy socks from our dear friend and some quality time on the couch. It didn't hurt that the Wildcats won. Hey, at least there was something on TV while we were comfy together.


  1. Aww - so sweet yet pitiful... loved the socks I think I need some too.

  2. So sweet! Those socks are wonderful! And such a cute pic!