Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Today ...

... energy has abounded in my house. This is [mostly] a good thing, although I felt like Cate was having some regression moments with her curiosity and getting into things she usually completely ignores.

... started with an electrician coming to install a ceiling fan in our bedroom. He rang the doorbell at 7:30 a.m., and while I was glad for him to be here to help us, I wish there was a universal rule about ringing the doorbell before 8 a.m. Thankfully, Cate slept through the ringing. And I'll likely sleep better tonight with air flow on my face.

... Ben must have needed to block out some of the energy that was abounding around him. The picture above is how I found him sleeping. Speaking Ben and his sleeping ... I wonder why he doesn't nap well in his crib, but he'll nap for hours in his swing. The weird part is that he sleeps well (7-9 hours) at night in his crib. Hey, at least he sleeps through the night, right?

... I was reminded how thankful I am to have two close friends here who have kids who have become Cate's friends. It's so worth the extra noise and commotion.

... I woke up with lots of unrelated things [ideas, projects, chores ...] on my mind. I've accomplished some and written down others so they don't escape my momma-mushy mind.

... I'm noticing Ben likes to hold toys [near his mouth so he can chew] and reach for toys even more. These early months are interesting because babies are always noticing something new and keeping their mommas on their toes with their ever-changing little lives.

So, now, enjoy another small snapshot of one of the little people who makes today what it is for me ... every day.

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