Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cate @ almost 34 months

I don't really like counting her age in months anymore. I usually think of her as being 2 1/2, but she turns 3 in two months and a week or so. [Not that I'm keeping count ...] So, there you have it, almost 34 months. I guess I could have said 2 5/6 years.

Independent and stubborn, Cate reminds me a lot of myself. She has a plan of how she wants something done and gets frustrated when it doesn't work how she sees it in her mind. But she's sweet and funny too. She thanks me washing her clothes "in the circle" and randomly will say, "I love you so much," with "so much" said with a strung-out emphasis ... s ... o ... m ... u ... c ... h ... She [usually] hugs and kisses her friends when we part ways.

And, you know, she cracks me up. I've been keeping track of some of the funny things she says. She calls toilet paper and Kleenex "white paper." Hearts are "harps," and she's a tad obsessed with the shape itself right now. She likes Laffy Taffy, which she calls "Happy." Hey, it makes me happy too. When I'm putting on her shoes, we'll talk about her right foot and her left foot, but she usually says, "wrong foot." I've learned words that have multiple meanings are harder for toddlers to grasp, but I love the way she thinks!

She's been into Play-Doh these days. Sometimes she makes worms. The day I took this picture she was making a cup.

We discovered indoor entertainment this week with these bouncy things. As you can see, she likes it. Of course, remember, too, that she likes to jump around.

Also this week, we had swim lessons ...

She did well most of the days. She even went under water a couple of times with no real opposition. Her favorite part is kicking around while holding onto the noodle.

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