Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm Lost ...

When Cate was born, we watched the first few seasons of "Lost" on DVD, and we were hooked. Well, really, we were hooked after about the fourth episode. We have since watched the last half of the series as it airs on Tuesdays. [Although it used to be Wednesdays and one season it was Thursdays. See, what I mean, "Lost" has the kind of audience that will jump to whatever day ABC says.]

I've mentioned "Lost" in posts before, but I've never really blogged about "Lost." Are you lost yet?

Anyway, ABC keeps telling me how many episodes there are until the finale, which is really two epsidoes. Yeah, seriously, only the creators of "Lost" can be confusing about just how many episodes are left. Let me clarify. After last night's episode, there are 10 hours of "Lost" left. In other words, that's eight episodes until the finale, which is two hours.

In honor of this bittersweet countdown, I thought I would share 10 things I noticed or thought about last night's Sawyer-centric episode, appropriately titled "Recon." I should add that I don't read a lot of "Lost" stuff online. I used to read Doc Jensen's recap on, but it started hurting my head more than the actual show, so I stopped reading. A blogger I happened upon through a parenting Web site likes to write about "Lost," so I do read her stuff regularly. When my "Lost"-obsessed friend Jodi e-mails me something, I read it as long as she keeps the spoilers away. And I often skim "Lostpedia."

On that note, if you haven't watched Sawyer with his shirt off lately [Yes, that's a reference to "Recon," the most recent episode.], then I advise you to stop reading. Consider that your warning.

In no particularly order ...

1. Sawyer must not like wearing shirts.

2. Being a cop seems to fit Jim. [Even though the name doesn't ...] And Miles is the perfect sidekick.

3. Claire is a great name. But she's nuts. Although if someone took my kid, I think I'd go nuts too. But she seems a little brain-washed crazy.

4. Isn't it a little late in the season to introduce new characters? Welcome, Zoe. Although, I don't really think you and the rest of Widmore's gang are really welcome.

5. Ah, wisdom from "Little House on the Praire," which Sawyer watches while eating a TV dinner, the only thing in his fridge. "If you live you life based on what's going to happen, before you know it your life is over. ... It's hard not being afraid, Pa."

6. Sawyer left the sunflower for Charlotte outside her door when she wouldn't take him back, but he took the beer with him.

7. Fate. Destiny. Predestination. I get that theme. But, really, how are the island timeline and the flash-sideways going to work together?

8. Liam Pace wasn't who I expected to see. Apparently he's looking for her brother Charlie just like I am.

9. It made me sad that Sayid [one of my favorite characters] just watched Claire attack Kate. Further proof he's not himself. So, then, who is he?

10. So, back to Sawyer being a cop. Given his profession, why did he let Kate, who was in handcuffs, go free when he saw her at LAX?

Thoughts? Theories? What are you most wanting to know? How do you think this is all going to work out?


  1. re: sawyers' bare chest. read an interview with him on usa today. went something like this...
    "yeah, they filmed an episode where i was to be shirtless and they all went, "whoa" they decided to put me in shirtless as much as they could. and i thought, you should have seen me when i was 29 and really cut." (he's 40)

  2. Wow, he's 40?! He looks 29. Im going to put some thought into your points, Kristin, and get back to you. :)

  3. i'm gonna hafta (are you having a heart attack from my grammar?) come back to this post. we're three episodes behind, i think.