Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick

My grandpa is half Irish, so maybe I should care more about St. Patrick's Day. I just don't get it. I did a little reading on St. Patrick today and learned some things. Apparently, he wasn't even Irish. Or Catholic. I assumed both, and really hadn't thought anything about him beyond that. He was a missionary and honored as a saint in several denominations, including the Catholic church. OK, well, that's a nice testimony to unity.

So, yeah, my kids wore green today. But only because they had it. Beyond that, I'm not really sure I get it. How can St. Patrick be one of a few patron saints of Ireland if that's not even his native land? Anyway ... I think I'll just eat some candy with pastel-colored wrappers and think about Jesus rising from the grave. Now, there is a holiday I understand.


  1. Haha! You've spent more time investigating it then I have. It's a holiday I've never really understood.

  2. i love it. i even forgot to put my kids in green. that's how much i care.