Sunday, January 24, 2010

A busy, busy week ...

... of course, I should have thought about that when I scheduled all these appointments. Just so happens that Ben's two-month shots and check-up appointments fall the same time as my three-month diabetes check-up with my doctor. Of course, I have to get blood work done a few days before my appointment. So that's two visits. And our insurance doesn't fully cover Ben's immunizations, so it's more economical to go to the health department, dividing up his two-month appointments. Good thing my friend Courtney and I made some freezer meals last week. That helps with the meal planning. Now, if I just remember to thaw out everything at the appropriate times.

The highlight, obviously, is Wednesday morning when we have our final adoption hearing!


  1. I like Wednesday's and Thursday's. Looking forward to keeping the kiddo's and lunch of course. I like Saturday's too. What a celebration we will have.