Sunday, December 6, 2009

Let the holiday weekends begin ...

It's December. Evident by the Christmas festivities.

So, with the holiday spirit abounding, here is a recap of our weekend ...

We introduced Ben to Settlers. While he wasn't all that interested, as you can see, he did get plenty of attention, courtesy his fake aunt Jaclyn. [Side note: I managed to win one of the two games we played. I'm making a run at Bryan and Greg, who are leading our all-time scoreboard ...]

Saturday included the annual Christmas parade, which rivals Homecoming for my favorite local parade. [The other competitors in Murray are the Fourth of July and Veteran's Day parades ... Ah, small-town America at its finest!]

Ben was bundled up and pretty much slept through the whole thing!

There were camels! And horses ...


Not that you could see it under all his layers, but this is what Ben was wearing in honor of the season ...


After the parade, Gran-Gran gave the kids their Christmas pajamas while we ate lunch at Pizza Hut. Cate loves the bus, which I'm sure will work well as a new purse for her toddler toys, and insisted on wearing the pajamas last night.

And while basketball isn't necessarily holiday related, this video of Cate "dancing" last night is worth watching ...

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