Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas with friends

I've talked about it before. But I'll never tire of talking about it. Our friends. Our community. We're so very thankful for the people with whom we share our lives. Yes, us adults are friends, but, maybe the best part, is our kids are friends too. I love watching their relationships develop and grow, as they learn more about each other.

We had a chance to have two Christmases with friends this week.

First, Cate and I (and, well, Ben, but he slept through it ...) hung out with Courtney and her kids Tuesday morning. Noah, who is almost 5, is the oldest, and he likes to help Cate, who generally appreciates his help.

As a mom, I'm really excited about teaching Cate how to play Don't Break the Ice (and Candy Land, but that's not really related to this post ...). I have so many fond memories involving the moments and, more importantly, the people, playing board games.

Speaking of games, all three kids (again, Ben was sleeping ...) enjoyed the game Cate picked out for Noah.


Then on Christmas Eve Eve we had the Tompkinses over for dinner (Pizza Hut!) and some adult game time (Seafarers ... and expansion of Setters of Catan) while the kids played.

We also exchanged presents ...

[I know it is shocking, but, again, Ben was sleeping ...]

May your Christmas be filled with family and friends who are important to you. Cherish these moments.

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