Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day

We started Christmas Day at home ...

Cate was excited, especially about this toddler camera. And Ben, well, he just hung out with us, and his stocking, which was about his size ...


Then we headed next door to Nana and Papaw's house [Yes, Greg's grandparents are our neighbors!] where all 28 Taylors [meaning the ones from Nana and Papaw's branch of the family tree] gathered together.

Included in the 28 were three babies celebrating their first Christmas. OK, so, maybe celebrating is a stretch, especially for mine, who slept most of the time, including during our photo shoot ...

From left, that's Emaline (3 months), Ben (1 month) and Evelyn (8 1/2 months). Ben and Evelyn are first cousins and Emaline is their second cousin.

And here is one of my favorite shots from the day ...

That's Ben sleeping comfortably in the arms of his great-grandma. The warmth of the room caused him to lose his cute Christmas attire. Hey, it's better than sweating. Although Nana still wanted to cover him in a blanket!

Conveniently, we walked back to our house for a smaller Christmas party with Greg's immediate family and their families.

John got the party started by giving the kids the gifts from him and Christine. We had a good time exchanging presents, eating and playing the Name Game.

There are many more Christmas photos in a Facebook album. Go look at them there, if you wish.

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