Thursday, November 12, 2009

Waiting for Ben

We are perfectly content waiting for Ben because we know every week/day he remains in-utero is to his benefit, even if the birth mom is anxious and ready to deliver. At 37 weeks, she's still on bed rest, but the doctors said at this week's check-up appointment that he's comfortable with where she is, should Ben make his way into the world. I'm thankful the birth mom has been a good sport with bed rest and really done her part to take care of Ben.

But when he decides to come, we're ready. And even if he can't see the great colors in his room, his momma will be glad to know the room is finished ...

Here are some close-up shots of the bedding. It's called Zooptopia.

And on a random note, I'm loving his piggy bank collection. The blue one is actually his, thanks to Courtney. The red one is a pass-along from Cate. It matched her room in the old house and I really thought it looked cute in Ben's room in the new house. [Also, Cate has pink and purple pigs holding her change in her new room.] The white one, which you can't tell from here is actually features a University of Kentucky logo on the side, is actually Greg's and previously contained some Christmas cash from his parents.


  1. It looks great ! Bedding is totally adorable!

  2. UUUMMMMM- Piggy Bank - sounds like a christmas gift idea. I'll keep my eyes open. This christmas is going to be so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What a cute room! I'm excited for you guys!