Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday's Thought: FREE!

Free is good. And it became a theme yesterday.

First, I got a free buffalo chicken sandwich from Backyard Burger because Kristen (albeit misspelled) was the name of the day. Backyard Burger's marketing ploy worked with us because in addition to my chicken sandwich, I also got fries and a drink, plus Greg's meal and chicken tenders for Cate.

Then we looked through some stuff from our church's Swap Day -- which is basically a free exchange of items -- and found some things. I found Cate two pairs of tights, a book and Candy Land. She found herself the toy phone and cash register shown above, which haven't left her sight.

1 comment:

  1. uuummmmm! - another stocking idea - play money. Keep talking - I love it. I ran the cash register at my Dad's grocery store from high school to College graduation. It is a great teaching tool too>