Sunday, November 15, 2009

Play Room

And when I say play, I mean for me too.

The previous owners used the bonus room upstairs for storage, but as soon as I saw it [before we decided to buy the house] I knew I'd want a play room, partially for kids and partially for me. The hope is if I want to scrap, Cate [and sooner than later Ben] can play. Plus it's nice not to have all those toys out in her room or wherever else in the house.

[You can't see it, but my scrap table is perpendicular to the computer along the portion of the wall not shown.]


To make it suitable for playing, we had to have new flooring installed, walls painted and a couple electrical outlets added. Conveniently, the heating and air duct work was already close, so we [not we actually, but you know, we had it done ...] were able to having heating and air conditioning vents added.

The one other thing I know I want to do in here is add a magnetic chalkboard on part of one of the walls for the kids. I have both the magnetic primer and chalkboard paint. I just need to decide where I want it. [Any suggestions?]


  1. So cool! What about a large square surrounded by a "frame" of some sort on the wall to the left of the yellow car?

  2. Envious is not the way to be, but I am! You have such a neat space to share with your kids! How exciting.

  3. Isn't it great to have scrapping space where you can leave your projects out? I get so much more done when I can leave it sitting and come back to it.

    My vote for the chalkboard wall would be the entire short vertical wall to the left. How fun would it be to have a whole wall to color on and magnetize things to! :)

  4. Melanie - I had thought about that wall too. Several different options have gone through my mind.

    I love having a space where I can leave stuff out and come back to it when I have time. That's how it was in our old house, but this time I have toddler entertainment close by so there is a chance I can scrap even when it's not naptime!