Monday, November 9, 2009


I've been nesting, so they say. Most everything has a new home in our new home, which means we're feeling at home in this place we've lived for barely more than a week. My scrap area, which is taking over what would more generally be called an office, is in the process of being unpacked.

And, really, just so you know, I want to scrap. I have pictures from Texas. And Ben's ultrasound. And New Zealand. And lots of smaller moments. So I'm not short of inspiration, but rather time. I'm looking forward to [one day ...] scrapbooking while Cate plays.

Yes, that's right, this scrap area [um ... office ...] is housed in a lovely bonus room that also features a play room. Momma can play on one end while Cate plays in the other. Of course, Ben could be born soon and then I'll probably be too tired to scrap.

Really, you know, the thing about nesting: It's rather tiring too. Perhaps that's God's way of preparing me for a newborn. Well, at least sort of. Really there's no way to prepare for sleep deprivation, especially when if you're like me. Just ask my mom. I was grumpy after every slumber party I ever attended. Just ask my husband. I still get cranky when I don't sleep well.

People ask me if I'm nervous about having two kids, and, you know, some days I am. Other days not so much. But when I do think about it, sleep deprivation always rises [quickly] to the top of my concerns. Then I think about my friends who have been here in this season of life with a toddler and a newborn, and, somehow, they've managed to function. So I assume I can too. Somehow.

Meanwhile, I'm off to fold some laundry and maybe unpack some Sharpies and scissors. Oh, and yes, pictures of the renovated new house are on my to-do list. I thought I'd hang some pictures on the walls first, though.

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  1. Hey--i'm the queen of cranky when i don't sleep and i survived through TWO toddlers and a newborn! YOU CAN DO IT! ;)