Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Moving ...

Not long after Greg got going on Cate's new room, we decided we're actually all going to have new rooms. Yep. In fact, the new rooms are going to be at a new house. Well, not new, but new-to-us house.

Like we needed something else to do this fall.

We are signing a contract Saturday and [hopefully] will move in a month. I'm not-so-secretly hoping to be in by the end of October. You know, in case Ben decides to come early. Even if he [hopefully] waits until closer to his due date, getting settled in a new house before he comes wouldn't be a terrible thing!

Greg had seen this house earlier this year, like in February, but another family was willing to pay more. So I never saw the inside, even though Greg told me multiple times he thought it would be good for us. We had in the back of our minds we'd move sometime, but we had talked more recently about finishing our basement so we could have another bedroom that way. Then the lady who owns the house, which hasn't been occupied for awhile now, contacted Greg again last week to say that the other family isn't able to buy it anymore. She wondered if he'd be interested. Buying and selling houses is his business, you know.

Little did she know just how interested he was!

So he took me to walk through it, and we both could see our family there. The layout is more functional than our current house. It has four bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms. The other things I love are how the smallest bedroom (which will be Ben's room) is right across the hall from the bedroom we're going to have. Then there are two other [huge] bedrooms upstairs -- one for Cate; another for guests. Upstairs also is a long storage type room that we're going to finish so I can have the half-scrap, half-play room I've been dreaming about. The back yard is nice, but even better is the fact the house sits across the street from the park and next door to Greg's grandparents' house. We'll also be in walking distance of three friends' houses and the library.

If you promise to keep in mind that the outdated wallpaper is coming down, the floors are going to be recovered and we'll have our own furniture, I'll show you more ...

Oh, yes, closets. There are lots of them, and they are spacious. Especially if you've ever seen the [lack of] closets in our house now.

This is going to be Ben's room. [It's on the main level.] Those two windows look out to the front yard.

Pardon the wallpaper. That will be our room. [It's on the main level.] It's actually a little bigger than it looks because there's an armoire behind where I'm standing and a walk-in closet in the other corner. The big windows look out to the back yard and the smaller window overlooks the driveway.

This will be Cate's room. [It's upstairs.] The twin beds may stay, but those comforters certainly will not. That counter goes the whole length of the room and there is an identical cabinet and shelf in the corner not pictured. Those those doors on the back left is a spacious closet that really is like a small room.

This is the unfinished storage area upstairs that we are going to make into a multi-purpose scrap + kids' play room.

Kitchen. Adequate cabinet and counter space.

This the den that is off the kitchen.

This is the formal living/dining room. Even though we're not sure how we're going to use it yet, we're happy to have the space!


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  2. i love it! It's HUGE!!!! :) I'm so happy for you guys!