Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Not yet, buddy ...

Ben is anxious to meet us, apparently.

His birth mom was having some contractions last week [at 28 weeks], but, thankfully, the prescribed medicine seems to be doing its job. She had a check-up this morning at the hospital. For the 90 minutes or so she was attached to the monitor, she didn't have any contractions like she had the week before.

The up side of her being monitored this morning and visiting the doctor's office yesterday [for a scheduled check-up exam with the ob/gyn] during a power outage was that I was with her so we got to know each other better. I continue to appreciate her attitude toward adoption and the way she's taking care of herself and Ben.

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  1. I count it a blessing to pray for her and Ben each day. I do not know her, but I admire her and am thankful for her unselfishness.