Monday, June 15, 2009

An inch or so to go ...

I'm a roller coaster girl. And looks like my daughter might be too.

She rode her first amusement park rides last week at the Calloway County Fair. OK, so they weren't roller coasters, but she didn't mind the heights or speeds or rotations. Technically, she was an inch or two shorter than the required 36 inches, but she enjoyed riding the ferris wheel with her daddy and sweet talked her way onto a helicopter ride that went off the ground and in circles. Most surprising, the guy working at the Scrambler (at least this is what it is called at Kings Island ...), let her ride on that with us. You know, a couple people sit together and it goes fast, rotating in different directions. The person on the outer side of the seat (in this case, Greg ...) gets smashed by the uncontrollable force of whoever else is sharing the space. Cate giggled the whole time and talked about how fun it was when it was over.

Soon she'll make that height requirement and we'll have to introduce her to more rides.

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