Sunday, June 14, 2009


I'm your beloved
Your creation
and you love me as I am
You have called me chosen
for your people
Unashamed to call me your own
I'm your beloved

From "Your Beloved" by MercyMe

[Written this morning in church,
after singing while holding Cate ...]

Since the day I saw her picture during an ultrasound in a Bloomington, Ind., doctor's office, I have not been ashamed to call her mine. I anticipated her arrival. I prepared to bring her home. I dedicated myself to caring for her every need while gradually teaching her new things that foster independence. I encouraged her to take her first steps and continue to help her discover the world around her.

Seeing her.

Being with her.

Talking to her.

Praising her.

Loving her.

Teaching her.

These are -- without a doubt -- the best moments in my life as a mother.

And, to think, this doesn't even compare to how intensely and completely God loves me. God is not ashamed. He calls me his own. He knew I would arrive. And he is preparing me an eternal place. He is committed to me.

And you.

I am chosen. You are chosen.

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