Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ah, June. Welcome.

As much as I love May, I'm welcoming June with open arms. May was jam-packed with fun things ... I turned 30. Cate turned 2. I celebrated Mother's Day. I was surprised with a birthday party I didn't know was coming. We took a road trip to the St. Louis area. A friend who I don't see enough of came to visit. We went to Louisville. A college friend married a beautiful woman. We went to the Newport Aquarium. I helped with Greg's cousin's wedding. We went to that wedding. Another Taylor cousin is expecting, so we celebrated with her with a baby shower. And those are just the big things. I didn't even list the every day things ... I played outside and inside with Cate. I ran errands. I walked most days. Cate and I played with friends. I watched season finales of my favorite TV shows.

So, in honor of the fun that was way, here are a few more moments from the month that will always be my favorite.

Congratulations, Alysha and Zak! We're really excited to have Alysha in the family.

I took lots of pictures for her, starting with the rehearsal on Friday night then moving on to the pre-ceremony preparations. Rather than posting all of them on here, you can see them here.

That's Alyssa in the middle (above). She's expecting a baby girl in September. Those are her sisters next to her. We love when they visit Murray, and we get our Cousins Game Night in. Below is a picture of me with my two sisters-in-law.

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  1. What a great group photo!!!! Such lovely young women. So truly glad that you enjoy each other.