Tuesday, May 26, 2009

801 miles

Continuing with the busy month that is May, we took a road trip to Louisville ... and around. We left Murray on Friday afternoon for Louisville (225 miles one way). Laine cut my hair Saturday morning in Prospect (44 miles round trip). We went to a wedding in Vine Grove/Ft. Knox (91 miles round trip) on Saturday afternoon and returned to Louisville to visit with my aunt who was in town from New Jersey. On Sunday morning, we headed to Newport (216 miles round trip), just across the Ohio from Cincinnati, to check out the aquarium there. We got back in Murray (225 miles) on Sunday night and had a busy Monday here with friends and family.

But, first, Cate and I went out to the lake to a friend's house on Thursday night. Other than the bug injuring my eye, we had a good time ...

I love this view, coming around the corner on Ky. 68, heading toward the lakes from Murray.

Isn't that beautiful? That's the view from Lucas' back porch overlooking Lake Barkley.

Then for the road trip ...

Cate unpacked her clothes from the pink backpack and stuffed her stuffed animals in her bag + my purse. A few of them made the trip, but not most of them!

That Greg + I outside the wedding reception at Fort Knox. I got my hair cut quite a bit!

We enjoyed the Newport Aquarium ...

Then outside the aquarium, there are stores + restaurants + men on stilts, at least when we were there. Cate wasn't so sure about the man on stilts, but he made her a turtle bracelet (and Milla a poodle).

And Milla tipped him using her penguin pincher souvenir from the aquarium ...

Pardon the fact I was holding the camera vertically. When I realized I was, I figured I could just rotate the video file. Apparently not so much ...

There are a few more photos in my Facebook album.


  1. aww man I missed you! You were so close to me! I totally forgot you were coming this way... we talked about it so long ago. I love that bridge view too and the other pic is fabulous!

  2. I love the new haircut! I'm glad you guys had fun and yeah, that's a lot of miles.