Sunday, May 10, 2009

Celebrating Cate!

Cate turned 2 on Wednesday, and we celebrated with a party on Saturday. Thankfully, the sunshine decided showing up for the party was a good idea!

Didn't my friend Courtney do a fabulous job on the cake?! Cate said: "Eat Nemo cake." That's what we did, and everyone enjoyed it!

Poppy (my grandpa) and Papaw (Greg's grandpa) spent some time chatting on the swing.

Then it was time for the presents ...

Cate opened a few, but ...

... I opened most of them! She was really into those two pink phones, and nothing else seemed all that important. At least until she got sunglasses, a necklace and bracelet to go with them ...

Back to that delicious cake ...

Doesn't everyone want some Cheetoes with their cake?!

I was really excited that my family (Mom, Dad, Kevin, Laine, Milla, Jax and Poppy) got to come to the party, although we missed having Cassie and Zac with us! We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel this morning, and then I thought I said good-bye to them, but Mom, Dad and Poppy ended up staying around for my surprise party.

I'm sure Saturday was kind of a blur for Cate, but she took some time to read her cards this morning before church!

More pictures from the party are posted on Facebook, in the album that keeps growing with birthday-related parties!

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