Tuesday, November 11, 2008

11. Community

I'm thankful we live in a family-friendly community + that we have our smaller community of close friends with whom we enjoy daily life. This is at the Veteran's Day Parade yesterday. (Yes, Murray has a Veteran's Day Parade, along with parades for MSU Homecoming in October, Fourth of July + Christmas.) It's certainly not the town's best parade, but it was a nice afternoon to be outside.

In the picture: That's Jaclyn with her two kids, Luke + Norah. My friendship with her a blessing because it spans a decade or so of college life, planning our weddings, wanting to have babies, becoming mothers + lots of little details between. We walk most days + can talk about everything + nothing, sometimes at the same time.

Our new friend Sarah is in the background, and that her cute blond boy, Pierson, who Bailey (who babysits for our small group) is holding. We've enjoyed getting to know Sarah, who moved here this summer when her husband took the job as campus minister at Murray Christian Fellowship.

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