Sunday, May 18, 2008

About me .... then you

I've seen this (or some version of this) on different blogs, and I wanted to play along ...

Ten years ago, I was ... transitioning back into my parents' house after my freshman year at Murray State. I had met a great guy three months ago, but I was trying not to fall in love with him because he was getting ready to spend a semester in Germany. Little did I know that I would fall in love with him, and we'd get married about four years later. I also was returning to a summer job at The Park at Middletown. But that would be my last job that wasn't journalism-related.

Three things I'm going to do today ... include going to church, scrapbooking while Cate naps this afternoon and going to tour the house that's been raffled off as a United Way fund-raiser.

If I were a billionaire, I would ... buy a beach house, help children and save some for Cate's education.

Five places I have lived ... include only four places, all of which are in Kentucky: La Grange, Louisville, Lexington and Murray, although I've lived in Murray twice.

On my resume, you'd find these five jobs ... The Oldham Era, the Sentinel-News in Shelbyville, the Lexington Herald-Leader (internships are jobs, if only temporary!), The Associated Press and the Murray Ledger & Times.

Now I tag five friends to share their answers on their blogs: Shelley, Holly, Teaque, Bethany, Heather. And anyone else feel free to play along on their blog or in my comments.

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  1. Alright, just give me a couple days. I'm pretty behind.