Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More birthday partying!

We had a birthday party for Bryan (Luke's dad) tonight at August Moon. (That's a Chinese restaurant for you non-Murray readers.) We even brought along a Dairy Queen ice cream cake, which is his and Greg's favorite dessert! It was fun, despite the slight yet entertaining chaos of having six kids younger than 4. There were 11 adults for those of you keeping track. I bet the other restaurant patrons were glad we had a little room (with doors) off by ourselves.

So, the cake ...

... it was frozen, like ice cream cakes are meant to be! So it took two guys to break through, with a butter knife, I might add.

Then they had to switch duties. I guess they were worn out. Greg did end up with an actual knife with a blade that cut more than butter.

Then the kids ...

Well, OK, just two kids. But I was too into them, and finishing my ice cream cake, that the others didn't make my camera. Luke was all about Cate, as usual ...

... then she decided she needed space! Even so, he takes her toughness well!


  1. That last picture cracks me up! I wish we'd had a camera when she was trying to grab Evalyn's tongue! :) And it was sweet when she would kiss her hand and then plaster it on Ev's face. Awww...

  2. Did Cate get some cake? I got burned out on DQ cakes after working at the Park for too long!