Sunday, February 17, 2008

Must be love!

This is how Cate spent her Valentine's evening ...

Luke came over to play, and she loved every minute!

Actually, Jaclyn and Bryan came over to watch "Survivor" and play Settlers of Catan. So while we were playing the game at the kitchen table, the kids played under the table. I think they liked the new rug!

Luke is getting a baby sister in April, so Cate is practice! He's really sweet with her. And they really like to give each other kisses! But she also likes to "wrestle" with him, even though he's significantly bigger, as you can see.

(Jodi, do you see why barrettes and rubber bands are necessary?!)


  1. That is adorable!

    I love the rug.

    And I can't wait til Lizzy has enough hair to pull back!

  2. So I haven't been to my blog in a really long time and I revisited it today and realized that you commented on it a long time ago.