Friday, January 4, 2008

Roly Poly

Title courtesy Jodi's comment about Cate's ability to get where she wants to go ...

My grandpa gave Cate a great playhouse for Christmas. It (along with Greg's cornhole board and Cate's chair) wouldn't fit in our car coming back from Christmas in Louisville, so Mom brought it down Wednesday. Realizing his future in putting together toys, Greg put it together last night.

And Cate wanted to help.

She rolled from where she was playing (see toys in background) to help Daddy.

She brought Elmo (another Christmas gift from Angela's mom) with her at one point.

After assembly, she did get to play with it for awhile before bedtime.


  1. We've had one of those since Edward was 7 months old and he and now Genevieve have continued to play with it all the time! I especially like to use it for a door to a blanket fort when we make them :) I can just BARELY squeeze through the door when I'm invited in for a snuggle! lol

  2. I was just coming to post that we have one of these and LOVE it when I saw Laura's post. But I'll share -- Adelaide got her's when she was about 15 months old, and she STILL plays with it all the time. She loves that little housey toy. You guys will have a blast with it for a looooooong time.