Saturday, January 5, 2008

Let's party!

We celebrated Elijah's 4th birthday earlier today. He turned 4 on Thursday; Milla turns 4 tomorrow. (I know, seriously, hard to believe.)

Anyway, Cate was ready to go ...

... in the cute vest Aunt Cassie gave her for Christmas.

Cate and I weren't the only ones with congestion and runny noses, as evident by the box of Kleenex on hand. John and Greg chose to momentarily act dramatic. Those Taylor boys.

Who needs to socialize with other party guests when there is entertainment with a paper party hat and helium balloon?

That wore her out because Cate slept while Elijah opened presents.

He took a break to show off the Shrek flashlight Uncle John got him. Then later Charles seemed pretty excited about his son's games. They are classic.

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