Sunday, January 20, 2008

playing, finding, watching

It's been a good weekend of sticking close to home. Well, fairly close to home. Friday night I cooked dinner in my new kitchen for Jaclyn and Bryan. Then we played three games of Settlers of Catan. I won one. I had been having a dry spell, so the victory was appreciated.

In an unrelated matter, the past week -- um, maybe even closer to two -- I've wondered where my engagement ring and wedding band were. I checked the pockets of every pair of pants I own. I looked in the bathroom countless times. I kept lifting up necklaces to make sure they were attached to those. I pretended not to consider the possibility that they got lost, even possibly disposed of, when the guys were here working on my kitchen; I do, after all, tend to put them on the kitchen counter when I take them off. I told Greg more than once that the rings being lost annoyed me. And I was getting ready to tell him that I might need a new ring for First-Date Day.

Then Greg saved the day. On Friday night when we were laying in bed, he casually asked if I had checked the bathroom upstairs (aka the guest bathroom that has become Cate's bath-time bathroom). So I think to myself: Um, no. I only ever go up there to give Cate a bath, which happened last earlier in the day. I didn't LOOK for my rings, but wouldn't I have seen them?! I'm sure I answered Greg. Told him I'd look in the morning. (Three games of Settlers of Catan and an episode of "Numb3rs" wore us out!)

Not long after getting out of bed, I went upstairs and came back down with my rings. Yep. They had been sitting for a week or maybe two on the pink sink. (Yep. I just said pink sink. We didn't choose that. But, hey, could be worse!) Anyway, Greg was totally right with his casual question that I wished he'd muttered a week ago! Really, he should be glad he doesn't have to buy me a new ring. (I'll just settle for a Cricut font now.)

OK, so onto the rest of our weekend ...

On Saturday afternoon we headed to Martin, Tenn., for the Murray State game. It's about an hour away, so Racer fans tend to travel well there. And it was an exciting win for Murray State.

This is us before the game. I asked Greg to take a picture so you could see that we both were wearing tan corduroy pants, but this was a cuter picture to share with the world online. Look closely ... You can see Cate's cute little teeth. (By the way, I think she's working on her fourth.)

And speaking of cute, what about the jean jacket in the first picture? It's even lined with fabric inside, so it keeps her warm as she looks cute.

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  1. Man, I'm glad you found your rings. That would have stunk!

    Love the pic of the two of you.

    We watch Numbers too.

    Which Cricut font do you want? I just got a new one.