Thursday, January 17, 2008

The New Kitchen

I love my new kitchen! I think the people who have seen my kitchen in person will especially appreciate the transformation. Otherwise, all you have is an in-progress shot from last week.

Yes, we still have the floor to do. You can see where I need to come up with a temporary fix for the patch of hardwood showing. There used to be a strange little shelf thing there that jutted out from the counter. We removed that, which opened up the room. Next up is the floor. I want to put down those 12-inch-by-12-inch ceramic tiles. (We're not going to use the hardwood that is beneath the vinyl and carpet because it doesn't exist where the room was enlarged years ago and we'd never be able to match the original floors.)

And a new-to-us kitchen table is coming soon, thanks to furniture in a beautiful lake house the company is buying. It's black and has four chairs. One day I'll want something bigger, but it will be fine for now and it will fit there better than the oval one that only has three chairs, none of which are acting like they want to make it much longer!


  1. Wow, did your kitchen double in size? That looks awesome! So much more cabinet space! I'm a little jealous. Chad and I have put tile in before, put us to work...just kidding.

  2. Wow! What a change!!!! It does look so much bigger. And...look at that dishwasher! ;)

  3. oh I am sooo jealous. We also live in Byron's grandparent's old house and there is soooo much to do. THe kitchen kills me!! We actually started with the floor - it used to be brown 60's carpet - but now it's a nice "looks like" tile vinyl floor. The cabinets are OUR biggest expense so maybe some day!! I think your kitchen looks great and your rug in the kitchen is the same one I have in my scraproom and your kitchen table looks a lot like the one we had when we got married. Funny! oh - almost forgot - the dishwasher - our old house didn't have one and here we do... Heaven I tell you Heaven especially with bottles -soo happy for you (oh and then how old does THAT make us when we are ecstatic over things like dishwashers??)