Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ho ho ho!

OK, one more before I call it a night. If Greg doesn't get home soon, I may start another, but this is it for finishing tonight! And, yes, I know you've seen the picture before!


  1. I was feeling really good about myself the other day for getting 3 pages done in a week and now you have 4 in a day!! Not fair! Aside from being jealous, I think they are really cute. The santa one is my favorite. I like the paper and the ribbon! Oh, the picture is cute too...

  2. You are on a roll. Boy, am i jealous. I have christmas paper i bought last year and still haven't used. Man, I'm soooo behind!

  3. someone's using their cricut!!LO looks great! Oh that reminds me - shelley was telling me about a book you suggested about feeding babies in the night and I wanted to know the name of it. thanks!