Sunday, September 30, 2007

A lovely celebration

Greg was in a wedding this weekend. His childhood friend Sam married Pan Ke, a girl he met when he was teaching in China a few years ago. Their story is sweet, and so was their day.

Cate was a good sport throughout the ceremony and reception.

After sleeping and eating during the ceremony, she kissed and drooled much of the reception. Kisses in this case involve Cate's slobbery mouth opened up and pressed against our cheeks. Sometimes she uses her hands to cup our faces before she plants her wet lips on our faces. Then she'll pull on my hair because she notices it nearby.

Pan Ke has seen Cate a few times recently since she's been in Murray finishing up wedding plans, and each time she just loves on her. It's really sweet how she takes to her. Here they are during the reception, after Pan Ke had changed from her white wedding dress to traditional Chinese attire.

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