Sunday, August 19, 2007

Remembering the Past; Sharing the Present

This weekend some Louisville friends of mine came to visit. Somehow the road always seems longer come southwest, even though it takes us as long to go northeast, so we always appreciate visitors from the other part of the state.

Long story short: It was their first trip to Murray despite our history together. (Well, once Aaron came to MSU to visit me ... well, really to see Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds perform.) I became friends with Aaron when we worked at The Park at Middletown (an amusement park with mini golf, bumper boat, go karts and an arcade that has since changed names and lost some of it charm ...) as high schoolers. Katie and I became friends through a mutual friend, really connecting when we were in college ... at different colleges. Aaron and Katie both ended up at Purdue, and I knew their common interest would help them click. Sure enough, we had a planned a weekend for them to meet when I visited them in West Lafayette. Well, they couldn't wait, and ended up meeting, and were already friends when I got up there. Then they got married. I was in their wedding; they played music in ours.

We've seen each other a few times over the years, most recently when Cate was born and they came to visit us at the hotel in southern Indiana. Then we talked about them making a trip this way. They did this weekend, and we showed off some of western Kentucky, including Kentucky Lake.

Last time (We decided it was about 1998 ...) I had Dave to attract Aaron, this time I have a darn cute girl. Yes, Cate came on the pontoon boat with us. And she was dressed appropriately for her first swim.

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