Monday, August 13, 2007

Creating and refreshing

I channeled my frustrations tonight into making this page. And I feel better.

JOURNALING ON THE PAGE: Milla loves to tell Cate secrets, and Cate seems to just take it all in. Although we'll never know the details of the moments they share, Milla is quick to tell us that she loves Cate and Cate loves her. Well, of course. And I'm glad Cate has a cousin like Milla who wants to care for her and teach her things. This day in July, Milla called Cate her "best cousin." And, yes, she has other cousins!

I was feeling overwhelmed with wife and mother duties, household chores, my day job, all the ideas I have in my mind to one day create ... and the fact there just isn't enough time. Plus, I don't feel that well (headache, sensitive stomach ...) and I'm having a bad blood sugar day.

But looking at these two beautiful girls for the past hour or so was much better than thinking about all that other nonsense. And now I'm going to bed.

One of the best parts in life is that tomorrow is another day. I can start fresh.

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