Thursday, August 30, 2007

Oh, yes, I need a subject line ...

I know how it is to go to a blog you're just dying to read, and realize there is absolutely no new news. My mom says no news is good news. I guess that depends on you ask. For instance, at the newspaper office, we like new news. At home, a few days without new news is welcome.

That's where we are.

Just living.

And working. Eleven more outside-the-home work days for me.

Then it's full-time at home. I'm sure I'll have news then. Well, maybe not news, but stories.

One of my favorite at-home moms has a new blog. You should check it out. Her boys are adorable and her creativity inspiring. And she's expecting a girl.

OK, totally just interrupted myself by knocking over my glass of water. Note to self: Don't set glass of water on hardwood floor when there is a coffee table within reach. I totally forgot the water was down there, and I got up, and kicked it.

And, now, whatever train of thought I sort of had going has completely derailed. Hope you are experiencing all of the news or none of the news you prefer.

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  1. Ah gee, thanks!

    I have an Evan story that just happened i need to add. Let's see how many things I can post in one day. I'm probably boring people! ;)