Friday, August 31, 2007

inviting new company over

I'm watching "Diana's Last Day" on E! right now as I'm finishing my lunch. And I have some thoughts ... The documentary is raising the idea that Princess Diana actually orchestrated the media coverage of her life, although she sometimes complained about it. Apparently she had favorite reporters and would sometimes tip them off herself. Sounds like a complicated relationship to me for someone who died supposedly be pursued by photographers.

Anyway, it's actually pretty interesting, and better than most things on television at 12:26 p.m. I'm telling you the noon to 2 p.m. time slots on TV are terrible. Thank goodness for TiVo-wannabe.

Now I feel like I need to clarify that in the afternoons I often have the TV on while I clean the house, feed Cate, type e-mails or stories. It's like having company over. There are plenty of times Cate and I just smile at each other or I read a book.

And speaking of reading a book ... One of my favorite series of books -- James Patterson's so far six installments of the "Women's Murder Club" -- is becoming a TV series. How great is that?! Seriously, great, I tell you. The show will be called the same and premieres in October.

Here's a summary from ...

San Francisco Detective Lindsay Boxer (Angie Harmon, "Law & Order") can analyze a crime scene in seconds, but she's frustrated that investigating and prosecuting a crime can take months or even years. To circumvent the Justice Department men's club, she assembles an all-female group of experts -- a medical examiner, a newspaper reporter and a young assistant district attorney. And because personal lives often blend into professional ones, they also become reliable friends. These women solve the latest homicides while unraveling the mysteries of their own turbulent romantic lives.

I'm not sure what you're thinking about that synopsis, but, to me, it sounds like a cross between "CSI" and "Grey's Anatomy." Seriously, could I ask for anything better? Yes, you can tell, my expectations are high.

Alright, lunch is gone. I'm going to get off the couch now while Cate is still sleeping.

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