Sunday, July 15, 2007

moving, visiting, sleeping

There's lots of movement these days from Cate. Mostly moving her legs and bringing her fist to her mouth to chew on. I'm pretty sure she's in the early stages of teething. I can feel a couple spots on her gums and she gnaws on anything close -- usually our fingers, her fingers or the burp cloth.

We got to see Rod and Corbitt -- and Addie, of course -- yesterday because they're in western Kentucky visiting his parents. It's always nice to have our central Kentucky friends in western Kentucky. Anyway, Addie is almost 10 months and seemed to really be wishing Cate could play with her. I told her soon! Here she is trying to get her attention, but Cate is focused on Addie's daddy.

Also yesterday, Rod gave us a proof book of all the family shots he took the last time we were in Lexington. These beautiful shots are from the Lexington Cemetery. No worries. There are more than grave stones at this cemetery. There are many colorful flowers, ponds, foot bridges and other park-like features. So, courtesy of Rod, here are a sample of the pictures. Now I just have decide which ones I want to order!

And, to truly top off the weekend, Cate slept from 10:30 p.m. to 5:50 a.m. That's through the night in my mind. Now, if she can just do it again tonight!

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