Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ho! Ho! Ho! A season to celebrate

My column from today's Ledger & Times.

Much can happen in six weeks.

Getting one-fourth the way through a 162-game baseball schedule takes that amount of time . Keeping with the spring season, in six recent weeks, the Derby, Preakness and Belmont all were run, leaving us yet again without a Triple Crown winner.

And even more exciting in our life: We adopted our daughter Catherine Anna, who was born on May 6. Yes, six weeks have gone by, and I returned to work this week.

That’s three city council meetings in the minutes as I finished three novels, usually with Cate by my side. In the 504 hours (including weekends) that I was off work, Cate gained two pounds, bringing her to double-digit weight and moving her up a diaper size.

So more about our new addition.

Cate has a mess of dark hair and long fingers and toes. People often say, “Oh, those long fingers, maybe she’ll play the piano.” Meanwhile, my husband, Greg, is hoping she can palm a basketball.

Keeping with the hardwood dream, he’s slowly teaching her the modified Wildcats cheer that works well with her name. C-A-T-E. Cate. Cate. Cate.

Yeah, we didn’t plan that (or the fact her initials spell CAT), but it’s a sure way to keep the Hoosier out of her after the birth mother delivered her in Bloomington, Ind.

By the way, did you see Santa in our yard? It was just part of our friends welcoming us home. Wrong season for St. Nick, perhaps, but indeed a season of celebration.

I have to admit: My friends didn’t apply for a temporary sign permit to place the out-of-season decoration in my yard. I’m not positive it was necessary, but Santa may be classified as a balloon, to which car dealers can testify about needing the city permit.

Either way, we’re sure people enjoyed the display -- and, maybe, now, the explanation of why an inflatable Christmas decoration took up residence in our front yard.

I know people talked about Santa. In fact, when we took Cate to her first doctor’s appointment eight days after she was born, some of the pediatrician’s staff had already discussed St. Nick’s early display before realizing the Sycamore Street yard belonged to the office’s newest patient.

So Santa isn’t the only one who came out to greet Cate. The pitching woes of the St. Louis Cardinals brought out another celebratory figure, even though he doesn’t know it. Troy Cate was called up from minor league Memphis to join the Big Leagues for a couple games. Word is he’ll be back.

It was Memorial Day. Greg was taking a break from swimming (and the heat) when he announced “Look at the pitcher’s jersey!” the second I walked in our relatives’ air-conditioned house. I looked and liked what I saw: Cate. He’s number 46, and you better believe we’ll have his jersey soon.

Who would have thought in the last six weeks discussing both baseball and Santa would have been relevant? But, let me assure you, the last six weeks have been better than any Christmas present and more exciting than any nine-inning shut out.

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  1. excellent writing! i am sure everyone at the paper and the readers are glad you are back.