Saturday, May 12, 2007

enjoying Cate

The thing about still being in a hotel room is we have time to enjoy our daughter and ease into parenthood with minimal commitments. You know, I haven't had to do laundry or wash dishes (other than the bottles!). And there's plenty of time for visitors. Looks like we'll be in southern Indiana through the weekend. We're hoping our adoption paperwork is received and approved in Frankfort on Monday. But the key word there is hoping. (Our attorney told me that we could look at the river but not cross it. So here we are at Rocky's Italian Grill on the river, aka the state line, for lunch yesterday.)

Of course, others joined us ...

That's Bryan holding Luke, Jaclyn, us, and Kent. Peggy took the picture.

Yesterday several friends and family came to visit (including a total of four kids with a combined age of 10). They got glimpses of Cate's eyes, and then, not long after everyone left, she was wide awake. It was fun for us to enjoy as we caught our breath and caught up with "Grey's Anatomy" (whoever thought of re-running the show the day after its regular air date was a genius!).

That's Milla meeting (and feeding) her new cousin. She was entertaining while curious.

And here's a tired Luke trying to re-energize while sharing a pillow with Cate momentarily. And, trust me, it was very momentary.

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  1. I can't believe how great and happy y'all look! I especially love the pix of you sleeping with her on your chests. How incredible.