Friday, May 11, 2007

'She looks just like you ...'

The following is a scenario I suspect will be played again. The characters this time are Olive Garden Waitress, Baby Cate, New Mama, New Papa, Grandpa and Grandma.

Cate is sleeping in the carrier at the end of the booth near a high-traffic area. She assembled quite a fan club in a matter of minutes.

Olive Garden Waitress: Oh, she's so cute. How old is she?

New Mama: Four days old.

OG Waitress: She looks just like you.

New Mama just nods and smiles, thinking there is no need to clarify the situation.

OG Waitress: Noticing the head full of dark hair. Did you have a lot of heartburn?

New Papa, Grandpa and Grandma laugh. New Mama maintains her composure.

New Mama: Well, actually, we're in the process of adopting her.

OG Waitress: Oh, well, I think she looks like you.

New Mama: I think it's the hair.

OG Waitress: Looks at New Papa. Actually, she looks like both of you.

Grandpa: Points at Greg. Does he look like me?

OG Waitress: No. He looks like her. Points to Grandma.

New Mama, New Papa, Grandma and Grandpa go on eating breadsticks, salad and pasta while New Mama kindly thanks people who compliment Baby Cate.

Then as they're leaving ...

OG Waitress: She's really beautiful. And I still think she looks like you all.

New Mama: Thank you.

New Mama walks out while New Papa follows carrying Baby Cate. They listen to the conversation continue.

OG Waitress: Looks at Grandpa. So your son is really adopted too?

Grandpa: Giggles. Oh, no. I was just asking.

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