Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lessons Among Boxes {aka 7 Things I Learned from Moving}

Well, we’re in our new house. I love so many things about it and I’m excited to truly settle in and make it our home. Greg and I moved some boxes in the days leading up to our big move – when friends showed up and loaded the big truck and some smaller trucks and a trailer in record time – and then I filled my mini van with more boxes and randomness in the days following.

Of course, during the packing and hauling and unpacking, I learned some things.

1. Verizon will pay off AT&T phones/contracts for new customers and wifi assisted calling is amazing for both phone calls and texts, even when there’s no service inside.

2. Greg resigned from the Murray City Council earlier this month because we are moving to the county. 

I know he’s my husband, but I’m proud the way he has served our neighbors and our community with conviction and integrity these past 5 1/2 years. Now, bring on the new adventures.

3. Packing up an entire house is emotional even when I’m excited to move to the new one.

This house was our home for half our marriage. We brought two kids home here. We have celebrated and grieved here. So many kids have been here to play. Honestly, collectively, these were the best years of my life.

I know we will make many new memories and always have these memories, but, goodness, I wasn’t prepared for these emotions.

4. The pool and fiction books are good escapes when I’m overwhelmed.

Okay, so I didn’t just learn this, but I certainly was reminded of it! Lately I’ve read four Kristin Hannah books – “Firefly Lane” and “Magic Hour” were my favorites – and “The Good Girl” by Mary Kubiac.

5. Tetris helped prepare me for packing boxes into the back of my mini van. And, let’s be honest, playing Tetris is more fun than moving. (Our friends must have played Tetris too.)

6. ClosetMaid shelving makes closets so much more practical.

7. “Let me know what I can do to help” is a good sentiment, but showing up after the actual move with willingness to work or plates of food and offering specific ways to help are the best.

My best friend Jaclyn came two days in a row just to help me. We replaced cabinet knobs and put away things. Her middle girl helped Cate paint a dresser. She brought food. Courtney brought dinner one night – and her family hung out among the boxes to eat with us. And she brought a second meal for another day. My mother-in-law responded to my “Oh, I’m overwhelmed …” text with coming out to help, bringing lunch, and running some errands.

Have you learned any lessons from moving? What did your June teach you? 

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