Friday, April 29, 2016

Six Things I Learned in April

Ah, April, what an adventure you've been. You're the introduction to my favorite month, so I like you. You've come and gone so quickly, but we've had fun. Before May arrives, let's remember this month.

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So, anyway, here are six things I've learned in April ...

1. The Nashville Flea Market is great. Maybe all flea markets are great, I don't know. My first flea market experience is in the books. And I hope I get to go back.

(The flea market was only one part of our recent Nashville road trip. We also saw Rend Collective in concert!)

2. Kayaks are good lake entertainment, even if getting them home from Walmart is an adventure.

Let me tell you about that adventure: I'd been thinking kayaks would be a good addition to our lake house. (It's available for vacation rentals. Did you know that?) And then there they were, on display and on sale at Walmart. So we bought two. And then we realized they wouldn't both fit in our mini van with two adults, two kids, and a baby ... and a stroller, and all the other randomness in my van. So I took on kayak and the girls home, cleaned out the van, and the girls and I went back to Walmart to pick up the husband, son, and second kayak.

(Here are some pictures, if you're interested.)

Both kayaks now happily reside at Shelter Point Retreat. And my daughter, niece, and nephew were happy to break them in.

3. I can be intrigued enough by a story to keep reading even when I don't really like the book that much. 

"Everything You Ever Wanted" by Jillian Lauren was that for me. It's an adoption story, and there were parts that were fascinating and interesting. But other parts I ended up skimming. Regardless, it's brave to tell your story, especially when it has many hard parts, so I'm glad I read it, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it. Does that make sense?

4. A new strawberry patch opened just down the road. 

I love picking berries and now it's even more convenient. If you live in Murray, be sure to check it out the next few weeks while the strawberries are in season. Maybe you'll have an impromptu adventure like I did.

5. Adventure would be my word for 2016, if I had chosen a word. It's all around me, as you can tell with my multiple references to it in this post alone!

6. I'm a communication nag. 

If I email you about an event or project, send you an invitation for a party, or ask for feedback ... and I don't hear back, then just wait, I will solicit a response in follow up emails, Facebook messages and texts. I'd say I'm sorry, but, really, there's usually a reason I asked or invited or emailed in the first place, and the reason usually involves a response.

Perhaps you can blame the journalism degree with an organizational communications minor.

So, how was your April? Did you have any adventures?

I'm linking up with Emily Freeman, who inspired this way of documenting life. It's become one of my favorite practices. {Read previous Things I Learned posts here.}

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