Friday, April 29, 2016

this too shall PASS {a Five Minute Friday post}

It's Five Minute Friday time. I wasn't sure what I was going to write when I saw Kate Motaung's prompt {PASS} this week. But then when I sat down this morning, the words came. That's what I love about Five Minute Friday. I love how a simple word can prompt all kinds of thoughts, even in just five minutes. Well, I love that and the people. So, come join us over at Kate's place. 

Timer set for five minutes ... 

I remember my Nanny saying “this too shall pass” when my family was going through a difficult time. She said with conviction and wisdom.

I wish I knew more about the situations through which she’d walked in her younger days. I wish I had realized as a kid how special my time was with her. But I’m glad I lived near her after college and was able to use her washer and dryer rather than going to a laundromat. She usually had a TV show like JAG on and wanted to let me take care of my own chore but kept a close eye on how big of loads I tried to wash and dry.

She passed away in October 2001, about three months before Greg proposed and 10 months before my bridesmaids walked into “On Eagles’ Wings” – a song that reminded me of her and my Catholic upbringing.

I wish I had different perspective before Nanny passed away, but I also know she said those words – “this too shall pass” – with assurance that only came as someone who had lived through her share of life. I get a little sad thinking she hasn’t seen me as a wife and mom, but I’m glad she was able to influence who I am. And I’m glad I’m in a place that I can see a little bit of where she was coming from.

And stop.

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