Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving in Buffalo {a recap for #ThreeWordWednesday}

We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Buffalo, NY, where my sister Cassie and her family live. And there wasn’t any snow, for those of you thinking we’re crazy to head into lake-effect weather for a holiday.

We actually had a couple days in the 50s, and then it was in the mid-30s the day we went to Niagara Falls and then three-fifths of my family ice skated outside.

It took us 15 hours – 764 miles and four stops – to get there. The big kids watched three movies – “Despicable Me 2,” “Matilda,” and “How To Train Your Dragon” – and Rachel dozed off between feelings. Grandmom was also with us.

In addition to Niagara Falls and ice skating, we had a big Thanksgiving meal with Cassie & Zac’s friends, ate wings (I managed one handed while feeding Rachel!), saw some friends who used to go to church with us in Kentucky, hung out with our almost-2-year-old nephew Lochlan, and played euchre.

On the way back, the big kids watched the same three movies plus “Princess and the Frog” and Rachel slept more. Thanks to less traffic in Ohio, we were able to shave off almost an hour on the way home.

Speaking of Rachel sleeping, she managed her BEST TWO NIGHTS up to that point while we were there and continued her six- and seven-hour stretches when we got home. She’s the best 10-week-old, ever, really.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that doesn’t have traditions for us. We’ve traveled often for it – Branson, Mo. … in 2011 and 2013Charleston, S.C. in 2012 – and spent 2009 at home with our baby boy. Our favorite tradition is an annual meal with our friends. I say that like we only eat once annually with them, and that’s not true, but sharing in the holiday together has been special. And we did that last month this year.

This Thanksgiving was good. I coughed and blew my nose way more often than I wanted to. We spent two entire days in the mini van. But we made memories with people we love.

Buffalo didn’t have any snow, and my sister didn’t have her babies like I was hoping either. She’s 37 weeks pregnant with twins. I’m greatly anticipating their arrival, the updates about them across the miles, and visits with them this summer.

Until then, I’ve got Thanksgiving memories tucked away. Meanwhile, giving thanks is a concept I want to embrace more tightly regardless of the date on the calendar. {Tweet that.}

How was YOUR Thanksgiving?

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