Monday, November 23, 2015

Ben is 6!

Photo by Courtney French

Dear Ben,

I may say this every year for the rest of your life, but I can’t believe you’re 6!

I’ve known for a long time you were meant to be a middle child. You’re part entertainer and part nurturer. And, boy, do you love your baby sister! One afternoon recently Rachel was fussing. She was just restless. You propped her up on her Boppy pillow and got in her face. Your laughing and talking soothed her … and you even got a sweet baby smile back!

(You love your big sister too – usually you just have different ways of expressing that.)

Before you were born, Aunt Cassie taught 2-year-old Cate to say, “My brother is sandwich.” Cate had no idea why we all thought it was funny, but Aunt Cassie liked that your initials were going to be BLT. Just like a sandwich.

Now you are a boy sandwich between two brown-eyed girls. And that’s where you belong.

You’re funny and brave. You’re always thinking and moving and ready to run. You make friends with anyone and always want to know what’s coming next. You’re tender-hearted and loud. You like building with Legos, playing soccer, learning to read, and asking questions. Your weekly allergy shots don’t faze you. Lately you’ve had the sweetest prayers to share about our family, school, and your friends.

Honestly, your personality has challenged me to get out of my orderly comfort zone. But, you know, discovering how to live outside the lines is good for me. You’re good for me, sweet boy. And you’re good for the world around you.

Keep loving and living loudly – and I know God is going to use your mightily. (Just don’t forget to listen to your parents too.)

Happy birthday, Benjamin!

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